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After a chance meeting with a spiritual teacher and healer over fifteen years ago in a remote area, Chris learned metaphysical secrets of inner transformation. These insights transported him from struggle and strife to joy and happiness and ultimately led him to become a healer and a teacher of Reiki.

Chris trained for over a year with a leading American Reiki Master from Arizona, USA and teaches the original, most powerful Usui System of Reiki Healing at all levels in many parts of the United Kingdom & overseas.

As part of Chris's training in the traditional manner of the founder, Dr Usui, he uncovered new insights. Whilst teaching traditional Reiki in the purest form, Chris's own perception brings depth not usually found in Reiki training. Chris will also share with you some of the insights which have transformed his own life.

For many years Chris has studied various forms of healing to find a comprehensive system for healing mind, body & spirit. He believes that Reiki is not only a unique healing art but also a path for personal development.

As a Reiki Master, Chris runs a number of workshops in which all participants receive individual attention in a caring, supportive environment. His workshops are lively, experiential and powerful and Chris has the ability to convey metaphysical concepts with both simplicity and humour.

Chris has gathered many testimonials to his work, please take a look at some of them. Testimonials CLICK HERE
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