The Reiki School
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Reiki 1st Degree £225

Reiki 2nd Degree £345

Reiki Master Practitioner £495

Reiki/Spiritual Development Coaching £260 for four, 1 hour sessions. Or single hourly sessions at £75 each.

Reiki Master Teacher P.O.A.

* Reiki 1st Degree can be arranged on a 1-2-1 basis, date to suit, cost £300.

Students of The Reiki School can refresh at any level they have taken with The School at reduced rates, as follows:

Refresher Course Reiki 1st Degree £110

Refresher Course Reiki 2nd Degree £175

Refresher Course Reiki Master Practitioner £245

Special Prices for
Path of the Initiate CLICK HERE


Classes usually start at 9.00am and finish around 5.30pm.

Past Lives

Allow up to 2 hours per session, a session is priced at £100.

Note: ALL payments are made in UK Sterling or the equivalent Bitcoin. Payments are transferable but not refundable.

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