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Channelled Pictures of Reiki Energy

Pictures of Reiki Energy channelled by Psychic and Spiritual Artist Ros Coleman at one of Chris's Reiki Exchanges.

In a unique venture at Chris Parkes' November Reiki Exchange, Chris plus Reiki Practitioners and Masters combined forces with Psychic Artist Ros Coleman for a fascinating spiritual quest. The intention was to discover what the reiki energy generated throughout the evening from this group would look like expressed in colour and form.

Ros Coleman is a Spiritual and Psychic Artist, internationally acclaimed for her clairvoyant readings and portraits of spirit helpers, guides and angels. Ros is a channel (or conduit) through which spirit artists and guides can work. Their joint role is to generate awareness and understanding of the spiritual and energetic realms and the beauty, love and support it holds for those on the Earth plane.

During the course of about an hour and a half, the following 3 paintings were generated. A distinct structure and purpose is portrayed in each picture, which are described by Ros below.

Picture 1 - Energy Balancing and Levelling

This painting was produced before, during and after the Opening Circle and at the guided meditation. It illustrates how peoples' energy was starting to adjust as they settled into the atmosphere of the room. The blue shades depict layers of space from the ethereal realms. The orange, red and green fluctuations of day to day thoughts started to level out into lighter colours as translucent energy, ever intensifying, flowed into the room. This energy appeared to be self-generated by the group - pleasant expectations, thoughts and memories relating to the evening ahead.

During the opening meditation gold light radiated across the group's collective consciousness, casting waves of peace and tranquillity. Gentle beings of white light next appeared, beaming healing light to the group, helping to lift and raise the energy.

Picture 2 - Healing Circle

The ethereal blue layers start to curve around a growing sphere of healing gold light, created by strong white lines - clear images of intent. As Chris read out names of people and world events, placing them in the sphere, pink rays of love beamed from its heart centre along with more white lines of intention.

Interestingly some of the energy going out of the circle had been converted to sound waves and notes (heard by Ros at this point). Sounds have been used throughout time by every culture for prayer, healing and energy direction, so this seemed to make perfect sense. The impression this gave was that the very intention put out by the circle, i.e. to heal for the highest good, generated healing energy in various ways appropriate to those receiving it.

Picture 3 - Guides and Healing Energy

This painting was created whilst the group discussed their various experiences. Immediately the energetic healing effects manifested by the group were laid down on the paper in gold (spiritual) imagery. The sphere's brilliance took on the appearance of a lake of serene gold light over which a light mist was playing.

A single guide - working as mentor to the group members' spirit guides and helpers - appeared, indicating that they follow her. Images, symbolic of various religions, cultures and belief systems appeared in the gold energy mass. Each symbol holds its own healing quality and again, the sense was that these qualities are appropriate to those receiving the reiki.


Ros Coleman - Artist
"I was delighted to be asked on this project and was really excited to see what my guides would come up with. I work with 3 artist guides, each an excellent artist with their own individual style, completely different to the others. I am usually asked for past life, spirit guide and angel portraits, so this was a complete adventure. I am delighted with the results which show clearly how our thoughts create energetic reality."

Chris Parkes - Reiki Master Teacher
"It was an intriguing process to have pictures created through Ros by artistic beings who inhabit this realm of energy. As a Reiki sharing group we work with this energy and these beings on a regular basis. For most of us, whilst we sense energy around us and running through us, as we send out this healing energy, we do not actually see it. So this was an important step of understanding for all the group.
We thank Ros and her artistic guides and our Reiki guides, for all they do to facilitate and assist this wonderful process."

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