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Channelled Pictures of Reiki Energy

Drawings of Energy during the Attunements at one of Chris's Reiki First Degree Courses, as channelled by Psychic and Spiritual Artist Ros Coleman.

The intention was to further understand how the Reiki energy works with students during the attunement process. During the course of a recent weekend class, the following 4 paintings were uniquely created, one for each of the attunements. A distinct structure and purpose is portrayed in each picture, which are described by Ros below.

Picture 1 - The First Attunement

The image here is depicting the opening/widening of the crown chakra (represented by the purples and white) to allow the Reiki energy to flow through. The Reiki energy itself is depicted in pink (representing love), gold (a powerful richness/splendour is the closest form of wording I can find to describe the meaning) and yellow (source light). The energy is flowing from above and is tempered (blues and greens) in honour of each person's current state and readiness, This happens to the degree that is right for them. The way this process is vividly and dynamically portrayed indicates the powerful and beautiful nature of this process.

Picture 2 - The Second Attunement

These are images of the energies or guides that are working 'behind the scenes' with Chris to orchestrate the attunement process. The main character is, as Chris describes, the Master of Ceremonies. The smaller guide is one of many who take different tasks and roles with individuals. This picture represents these energies gently settling the energy of the whole person's spiritual connection via the crown chakra, which is represented by the opened/opening lotus flower.

Picture 3 - The Third Attunement

This picture, created in pastels, shows the universal light energy flowing through each person as their energetic lifting process continues. The four images are providing information to each person from their own spirit guides as to how they are each being guided energetically in a way that is relevant to them. From the left:

  1. This person's guide is illustrating their own process of release of old issues via the shamanic ritual of cleansing by fire. The smoke carries the old energy away.
  2. Here the guide is showing how herbs, plants and remedies from nature will be useful in this person's spiritual journey.
  3. A wolf and a ginger cat are spiritual companions for someone who has a strong connection with animals.
  4. The final image represents information about a person who is a leader - strong and assured. An old soul, with connections, on and beyond this planet.
In a fascinating way, each person on the course was able to identify with one of the pictures and find its relevance.

Picture 4 - The Fourth Attunement

The colours and shapes on this picture depict the vibrations of the final attunement gently resettling, calming and balancing peoples' energies. Each individual is bathed in a tranquil pool of bright light, which is at once grounding and uplifting, honouring the heightening of individual energies and their effect on the universal whole.

About Ros Coleman

Ros Coleman is a Spiritual and Psychic Artist, internationally acclaimed for her clairvoyant readings and portraits of spirit helpers, guides and angels. Ros is a channel (or conduit) through which spirit artists and guides can work. Their joint role is to generate awareness and understanding of the spiritual and energetic realms and the beauty, love and support it holds for those on the Earth plane. Drawings are available and on sale, see Ros's website.

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