DOREEN FIRTH - Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner
(Affiliated to The Reiki School)

Doreen Firth is a healer of many years standing, and is a fully trained Reiki Master teacher, qualified to teach the Pure form of Reiki with integrity, at all levels.

Doreen trained for three years under the personal supervision of Reiki Master Chris Parkes, Principal of The Reiki School in Altrincham, Cheshire.

Training sessions are held at regular intervals covering all levels of Reiki. The Training Workshops are usually limited to eight students, creating a close working relationship.

During the 1st Degree course students are taught Reiki Healing techniques and how to channel the energy to heal not only themselves and others, but also animals and plants. Through Doreen's affinity with animals she has found that they respond to, and enjoy the Reiki Energies, usually resulting in successful treatments.

Self Healing brings an inner awareness and the ability to take responsibility for one's own life and well-being.

Follow up Meetings and monthly Energy Exchanges are held as further support for students.

REIKI Treatments are available with home visits by arrangement.

For details of Treatments and Training Courses available please contact -
Doreen Firth, telephone 01624 834 808.


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