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I have always been a healthy, happy, positive person however I became rather ill in the year 2000 and doctors said I would never be fully healthy again, this led me to have a go at receiving Reiki treatments and after several I was completely well.

I was so amazed and delighted I decided to learn Reiki for myself as I didn't want to be ill again, after looking on the internet I came across Chris Parkes at the Reiki School and it FELT right to learn with him. I embarked initially on just a 2 day course to learn how to heal myself however, I was so amazed with the teachings I was with Chris learning for 3 years! He is a brilliant teacher!

This included serving a 12 month apprenticeship with him on an intense self-mastery course, to become a Reiki Master Teacher and I came out a completely changed person. During my development, my clairvoyance opened up and I was surprised to see, sense, feel and hear energy. This included seeing the chakras and where balancing needed to occur, also sometimes seeing people's guides, and even past lives. I also seemed to develop the ability to telepathically connect with animals!

I now enjoy my own full time healing practice working with humans and many animals. And have also been running a charity helping animals to heal since 2008 called The Animal Healing Trust.

I have clients from all around the world and regularly travel all around the UK seeing and treating animals. I treat humans from two healing centres, one in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire and the other in Birmingham where I teach from too.

I teach Reiki at all levels as well as Spiritual Development courses and Animal Healing and Communication courses too. My courses are relaxed with learning and laughter going hand in hand (with the occasional necessary "grounding biscuit").

It is always my intention to work from the heart with love, kindness, honesty, strength and joy and to uplift and empower all I work with on our interesting journeys.

If you would like more information please contact me:

Telephone: 07780 698 393
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