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Chris has gathered many testimonials to his work, please take a look at some of them below... 

"I have got so much from the course, although some of the content is challenging and you never quite know how it's going to affect your feelings and emotions. It's been perfect for me - just what I hoped for. Right time, right place - springs to mind."
A. Gill - Manchester (Reiki 2)

"Reiki 2 has been an enlightening emotional experience. Thank you Chris for your inspiration and patience. It has been wonderful sharing this experience with "energetic" like-minded people."
W. Parry - Southport (Reiki 2)

"I have really enjoyed both Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 courses and have got a tremendous amount from both. I have been amazed by the depth of the Reiki 2 course. This felt a very safe environment to share and be part of. Thank you."
A. Wilson - Sale, Cheshire (Reiki 2)

"Very relaxed learning environment with a tailored approach to each individual."
J. Taylor - Manchester (Reiki 1)

"What a fantastic weekend. Chris is a real inspiration and has created a very safe and nurturing environment for learning about the wonder and practical application of Reiki."
S. Whitbourn - Whaley Bridge (Reiki 1)

"As always, a wonderful weekend. Fabulous course, very well structured and easy to follow and relate to, with plenty of time to refresh and gather your thoughts in-between. Chris is a fantastic teacher, very approachable, welcoming and he made the weekend not only fun and informative but also very spiritual too. Thank you very much."
R. Egan - Altrincham (Reiki 3, Master Practitioner)

"Extremely uplifting experience. The practical exercises will be very useful for me to take forward into my future healing work. I leave the course feeling fully equipped to face all future challenges and adventures. Thank you."
L. Hampson - Rugby (Reiki 3, Master Practitioner)

"An excellent course. Very well presented and thought provoking. I really enjoyed the two days and feel that it will be great for my future health and wellbeing."
P. Clynes - Yorkshire (Reiki 2)

"Chris is an excellent and very knowledgeable teacher, he is very supportive and non-judgemental."
J. Green - Hale (Reiki 2)

"Reiki has completely changed my life, and has most definitely moved me on my life's journey so far. I can't wait to use the Master Energy. Thank you Chris!"
E. Dobson - Manchester (Reiki 3, Master Practitioner)

"Chris always makes you feel very comfortable. I would recommend him to anyone and I wouldn't want to have done Reiki with anyone else."
C. Daley - London (Reiki 3, Master Practitioner)

"This was my favourite (course) ever. The meditations were great, especially the one we did this morning (meeting your master guide). The pace is good - never too rushed - plenty of breaks to absorb everything."
A. Swann - London (Reiki 3, Master Practitioner)

"Extremely relaxing and a great, friendly environment. I've learnt so much in two days."
S. Woolley - Timperley (Reiki 1)

"I've enjoyed it very much. The whole course was held in a very friendly and natural atmosphere. I have added another dimension to my career, and trust on a personal level. Thank you."
M. Jazwinska - London (Reiki 1)

"Thank you Chris for a truly inspirational weekend. I find your wisdom amazing! The course was very informative and I feel very confident to further my self-development on all levels now. I came away from the weekend feeling I had been given a very sacred gift."
J. Lacy - Yateley (Reiki 3, Master Practitioner)

"A fabulous thorough and grounded introduction to Reiki for a complete novice. I feel as though I've had a fortnight's holiday. Thank you."
A. Rutterford-Adams - Reading (Reiki 1)

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. The atmosphere created was supportive, friendly and open. This was largely due to Chris's excellent teaching and a manner which allowed everyone to gain the maximum amount from the course. Excellent."
N. Wilson - Manchester (Reiki 2)

"Having already done this course I felt I received so much more from repeating Reiki 2. I feel energised and anxious to get on with it. Thank you Chris."
L. Dickens - Birmingham (Reiki 2)

"Excellent weekend. Very relaxed. Full of information and knowledge. Nice venue to hold such a course and I think the handouts to take home are a good reminder of what you covered over the course. Will be persuading friends to come on this course."
S. Robinson - Manchester (Reiki 1)

"A wonderful course which I enjoyed fully and thank you for the knowledge you have given me, which will help me and others on our Spiritual Journey."
W. McGookin - Isle of Wight (Reiki 3, Master Practitioner)

"Thanks for a great weekend, Chris. I found the 'meeting your guide' exercise, really useful, and also the feedback on the various other exercises most interesting. The book allows me to focus on working on myself, so that's great. Found the atmosphere really friendly and relaxing, which I think is important and the whole experience profound. The feedback from others who have been using the Master Symbol was most helpful. Thanks."
S. Haslam - Manchester (Reiki 3, Master Practitioner)

"An excellent balance between learning and participating. My confidence grew during the course over the weekend, culminating in treating another person. To hear their positive comments has inspired me to go forth and practise!"
H. Parkin - Altrincham (Reiki 1)

"Started the course feeling nervous and excited. Finished the course more excited. Felt like I'd gone through the back of the wardrobe and found Narnia. Loved the informality and nurturing of the class format. Felt like a family and Chris was teaching us all to fly."
J. Davies - Bolton (Reiki 1)

"Really enjoyed the whole experience, meeting new people who shared the same feelings. Chris was wonderful and made me feel calm and relaxed. Thank you."
J. Edge - Warrington (Reiki 1)

"The course exceeded all my expectations. Chris was an excellent teacher who explained, demonstrated and supported throughout the weekend."
N. Wilson - Manchester (Reiki 1)

"A mind blowing roller-coaster of an experience. Even if you don't want to practice Reiki for a profession, just come along for an amazing ride."
L. Parker - Manchester (Reiki 1)

"Janine's (trainee Master Teacher) contribution and energetic observations were very valuable and appreciated thank you. Chris is a highly effective teacher and his hands-off approach, allows each of the students to find their own way, and to take responsibility for their own development."
D. Houston - London (Reiki 3, Master Practitioner)

"Coming to the end of the course left me feeling that I had an all round understanding of this level with a strong support network."
A. Yarnall - Wilmslow (Reiki 2)

"Chris, the content, not least the opportunity to practise and experience the energy was invaluable. The pace and chance to have breaks was most appreciated. Thank you for a wonderful weekend."
A. Chakrabarti - Liverpool (Reiki 2)

"Extremely enjoyable and insightful course. Chris's enthusiasm and love for Reiki, and the benefits it can bring in enriching people's lives, is inspirational. The workshop has left me feeling uplifted and given me a tool to help me in all aspects of my life. Thank you so much."
K. Hyde - Cheshire (Reiki 1)

"It was a wonderful couple of days, a powerful and energising experience. An absolute pleasure to meet up with Chris again and to meet the other course participants."
F. Barton - Southport (Reiki 1)

"The course was excellent and exceeded all my expectations. As a left brain person it opened up my eyes to the spiritual world in a practical, pragmatic and fun way."
T. Easton - Stockport (Reiki 1)

"I found both the course and the environment great. Chris was really very easy to learn from and also greatly relaxed in his approach. I look forward to the third level, Master Practitioner."
R. Jones - Wirral (Reiki 2)

"This course was fantastic. I found Chris to be very interesting and thoroughly enjoyed his words of wisdom. I have every intention of taking Reiki 2."
K. Palmer - Poynton (Reiki 1)

"Absolutely brilliant! Thank you very much."
E. Dobson - Manchester (Reiki 1)

"Re-sat level 2 after illness to re-energise. I thoroughly enjoyed it first time round, but have got an even better insight this time. Many thanks once again looking forward to doing the Master Practitioner level."
J. Manser - Altrincham (Reiki 2)

"I found the course enjoyable as well as informative and the atmosphere was really relaxed and cheerful. Also we weren't overloaded with too much information at once. A really good tutor!"
R. Thorne - Manchester (Reiki 1)

"What can I say...blown away! Didn't really want it to end. Informative, interesting, nice to be with people who are searching for the same things. Wonderful, thank you Chris!"
B. Moran - Burnley (Reiki 1)

"I have thoroughly enjoyed these two days. Chris has enabled me to pull together, understand and clarify a whole range of influences and issues in my life and make more sense of them. I understand the power of Reiki both for healing others, but especially for helping to develop myself - something I thought I already had sorted. Thank you and I look forward to the next time."
H. Easton - Marple Bridge (Reiki 1)

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and feel sure that I am now on the path of an amazing journey. Thank you."
M. Briggs - Bury (Reiki 1)

"I really enjoyed this experience. It has been a lovely weekend, very relaxing and calming. I have no regrets and am thoroughly looking forward to continuing in The Reiki School and also to using what I have learnt, in the outside world. I would definitely recommend others to learn Reiki and to come to Chris to learn. Many Thanks."
E. Briggs - Bury (Reiki 1)

"The course exceeded my expectations and was presented in a wonderfully informal, secure and nurturing way. Am now excited and feel well informed and prepared to start my Reiki journey."
E. Ferguson - Manchester (Reiki 1)

"I was unsure what to expect, however was very surprised at the level and intensity I was effected by throughout the weekend. Very interesting, informative and thoroughly enjoyable."
T. Marsh - Yorkshire (Reiki 1)

"The content of the course was concise and delivered in a simplistic and uncomplicated manner, ensuring maximum absorption. Very pleased to come away with a powerful tool for healing myself and others. Looking forward to level 2."
S. Davies - Surrey (Reiki 1)

"The two day course was a time of awakening for me. Awakening of the mind, the heart and the needs of the soul. It is an amazing and incredible experience that takes you on a journey to develop and help yourself and others. The journey has just begun."
T. Tsenova - Romford (Reiki 1)

"Chris is a very accomplished teacher - he delivers in a relaxed, knowledgeable, yet easily digestible manner, making it relevant to an individual's unique experience."
J. Gosschalk - Isleworth (Reiki 1)

"Incredibly thought provoking and emotional. I would not have changed anything. It was perfect for giving me the tools that I need to heal the past and shape my future. Thank you so much for this event."
C. Barrett - Crawley (Reiki 2)

"I have been a severe migraine sufferer since the age of ten, yet since completing the Reiki First Degree in August, I discovered to my astonishment that I had not experienced a migraine attack in the four months since taking the course. Many thanks to Chris for enabling the Reiki magic to work in me. In my case certainly money well spent."
A. Cherry - Buckinghamshire (Reiki 1)

"Course content and training very complete. Written materials extensive. Good refresher of some Reiki 1 and 2 items. Most professional Reiki course I've attended. Thank you very much."
N. Warwick - Manchester (Master Practitioner, Reiki 3)

"Another wonderful weekend. I feel mentally and spiritually cleansed and ready to take on the world again. Many Thanks."
J. Manser - Manchester (Reiki 2)

"I feel totally at ease in the company of Chris and Penny. I enjoyed the experience of Reiki 2 all of which is very positive and life enhancing. Thank you so much."
J. Emberton - Manchester (Reiki 2)

"When they say every journey starts with the first step, they failed to mention that this step into Reiki would actually be a quantum leap. Namaste, Chris."
M. Sires - Brussels (Reiki 1)

"I feel totally re-energised. I am going away with a wonderful new symbol. I vow to use it where appropriate. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher. Thank you for giving us your time and energy."
B. Drudy - London (Master Practitioner, Reiki 3)

"What a fantastic weekend and with such a wonderful group of people. The course was a surprise as I had no idea what to expect. I found the second day absolutely brilliant. The practical exercises were invaluable and I foresee using them forever."
J. Lear - Surrey (Master Practitioner, Reiki 3)

"It is a real joy to work with Chris and the other people on the course in a safe, calm and loving environment. I thoroughly enjoyed this weekend."
J. Long - Altrincham (Master Practitioner, Reiki 3)

"Having taken this course, I am so glad to have chosen Chris to do this level with. It was wonderful experience, I enjoyed it a lot. I'm definitely coming back to do Master Practitioner level."
M. Desai - London (Reiki 2)

"I would like to say the course was very interesting. It covered so many aspects in such great detail and clarity. A lot to take in, but explained beautifully by Chris."
J. Hayword - Kent (Reiki 2)

"Great course. More than just a Reiki course. Lots of useful information and guidance for self-development."
T. Harden - Congleton (Reiki 3 , Master Practitioner)

"Thank you. This is the first course I've ever done that I did not want to finish."
A. Asad - London (Reiki 1)

"An excellent, laid back, exciting and empowering introduction to Reiki - can't wait for the Second Degree."
L. Freeborn - London (Reiki 1)

"Chris is a superb teacher and this is a brilliant introduction to Reiki. The weekend was informative and thorough and Chris taught in a down to earth manner. The added sense of humour was a real bonus. I will definitely put everything I've learnt into practice and would love to return to complete my Second Degree in the near future. Thanks so much for a fantastic weekend."
L. Genillard - London (Reiki 1)

"Really enjoyed everything about the course and have found the refresher course really helpful and beneficial for lifting my system. Thank you."
L. Capella - London (Reiki 1)

"I had not realised the self-intent aspect was part of Reiki, so it was interesting to hear the self-development content of the training."
M. Guggiari - Holmes Chapel (Reiki 1)

"Particularly liked the attunement process and the experience as a group. It was interesting throughout and I felt it was a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. I loved the Tibetan Bell music used for the attunements."
S. Haslam - Manchester (Reiki 1)

"I really wanted to do this course, but was apprehensive. I'm so pleased I chose 'The Reiki School'. Chris was brilliant."
L-A. Wood - Oswestry (Reiki 1)

"This was a very relaxed, welcoming atmosphere throughout the weekend. . . Thank you so much for a lovely weekend and new way of life."
A. Pepper - Altrincham (Reiki 1)

"Really enjoyed the weekend and have already felt a shift of change that I needed in my life."
G. Hardy - London (Reiki 1)

"Chris' delivery was clear, clever and funny. I've really enjoyed the course and can't wait to come back for Reiki 2."
F. Yuasa - Warrington (Reiki 1)

"Fantastic - what an amazing weekend, so enjoyable, great atmosphere, great people, fantastic trainer. Thank you so much."
J. Marsh - Northwich (Reiki 1)

"Chris is an excellent teacher. Very clear, supportive, encouraging. Includes everyone equally and ensures all receive the same/right amount of attention and consideration. Everyone left the 2 days quite differently to the start, and there is a very strong feeling that everyone now has the resources to begin to take the steps needed for their new paths."
J. Davies - Manchester (Reiki 1)

"Fantastic course. Chris is a great teacher, very peaceful and contented person. Inspired me to grow as a person. Thank you. Glad I listened to my intuition to come on this course."
M. McCarthy - London (Reiki 1)

"Totally brilliant. I would recommend this to anyone."
J. Steinhoff - Scotland (Reiki 1)

"The most eye opening (soul opening) weekend of my life. Thank you!"
A. Roy - Scotland (Reiki 1)

"I felt very relaxed and welcome on the course. Practical exercises were surprisingly easy to pick up and well taught. Lots of attention was given to everyone. The pace was just right, not too hurried. Thoroughly enjoyed it."
C. Barrett - London (Reiki 1)

"Course fantastic - I was very sceptical when I arrived, and left a new person. Thanks."
P. Sneader - Scotland (Reiki 1)

"Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Learnt so much and found Chris to be a true inspiration. Feeling very privileged to have met him and have him as a teacher. Thank you."
S. Cambray - Surrey (Reiki 2)

"I feel quite honoured to have been a part of this Reiki 2 course. Chris is a wonderful teacher who works from the heart and the course was excellent in every way. There's nothing I would change. Thank you for a truly wonderful and inspiring weekend."
J. Lear - Surrey (Reiki 2)

"I wanted to thank you for the best 2 days ever! The course was such a pleasure to do. You are a wonderful teacher. You have opened my mind to new possibilities I would never have thought of on my own with your excellent way with words, knowledge, and teaching. I have come away with the tools to enrich my own and my family's lives. So a BIG thank you. I will be working with it, and looking forward to level 2."
J. Ferguson - Scotland (Reiki 1)

"I came to Reiki without any real knowledge and felt somewhat worried. Chris was absolutely wonderful to explain how it worked and why it worked in a very simple way. I am extremely grateful to him."
E. Rahim - Scotland (Reiki 1)

"If you have been lead to this school, trust the process and take the plunge. You will not regret it!"
E. Nairn - Brussels (Reiki 1)

"The course was excellent with good explanations based on experience. I would recommend the course to anyone who wishes to experience the teaching."
T. Obonyo - Scotland (Reiki 2)

"Thoroughly enjoyable and informative course. Strikes just the right balance with practical exercises and verbal/written content."
A. MacDonald - Scotland (Reiki 2)

"I found the atmosphere of the course and group tremendous, and extremely positive. An incredible stimulating experience."
C. Ford - London (Reiki 1)

"The course was excellent, well presented with a very clear and interesting delivery. I felt I could ask Chris anything. Thank you."
S. Cambray - Surrey (Reiki 1)

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Looking forward to working with what I have learned and progressing onto the next stage."
N. Waterhouse - London (Reiki 1)

"Amazing weekend, lots to take in, looking forward to using what I have learnt. Brilliantly delivered once again."
D. Morris - Warrington (Reiki 2)

"Thank you for all the amazing Harry Potter Stuff. Wow what a weekend. Great to learn these potentially life transforming techniques!"
C. Troke - Hereford (Reiki 2)

"A truly inspiring course! Roll on Reiki 2!"
Taylor - Bury (Reiki 1)

"Fab course, excellent environment, really friendly and welcoming. Highly recommended. Have been enlightened and really enjoyed the two days. Looking forward to the 3rd degree course (Master Practitioner) - thanks."
J. Sutton - Lincoln (Reiki 2)

"I thoroughly enjoyed every second. The course was everything I expected and more. I feel privileged to have the benefit of your experience, working with the group and, of course, the wonderful energy."
J. Twyman - Hertfordshire (Reiki 1)

"I feel that it was really excellent, mainly because you (Chris) are so calm and lead us on the journey making every step secure. Thank You."
K.T. Bruce, Master Practitioner (Reiki 3)

"So much is added to the course with Chris' background, so we are able to discuss and add energy to many aspects. Very focussed attention on this course. Thank you Chris for your excellent listening abilities and quality of teaching."
S. Gibson (Reiki 2)

"I didn't know what to expect from this course before attending. I found it an excellent experience and would recommend it to anyone."
A. MacDonald, Scotland (Reiki 1)

"I feel privileged to be taught Reiki by Chris. An excellent course."
P. Murray (Reiki 2)

"Chris, I am unsure to how I could thank you enough for what you've done for me. I think what you do is most fantastic and love the way you help others in the way you do."
H. P. - Bury (Reiki 2)

"Thank you so much it has been a great weekend and I'm looking forward to incorporating Reiki 2 into my daily life."
J. Price Grimshaw (Reiki 2)

"A relaxing, welcoming and friendly environment. An insightful, joyous and loving experience."
I. Smith (Reiki 1)

"I really enjoyed the two days and the comfortable and open environment in which the course was conducted. It has definitely set me on the right road for the personal development I am now focusing on. Thank you."
F. O'Toole (Reiki 1)

"Life changing, thank you."
L. Farrell (Reiki 2)

"Having suffered a fractured coccyx just a few days before the course, Chris assured me that I had come to the right place! - Absolutely correct, as by the end of the course it was wonderful to be free of pain and I had not taken painkillers for hours."
J. Price Grimshaw (Reiki 1)

"The second degree Reiki has changed my life, my way of thinking and the way I act. Thank you so much! (The food was absolutely fantastic by the way)."
H. Price (Reiki 2)

"It was a truly invigorating course, both relaxing and informative. Enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to using the energy & my new found skills on not only myself and others, but also animals (particularly horses)."
Jenny Sutton (Reiki 1)

"Thank you for another great weekend, attending the course and learning more about Reiki has given me a higher awareness of myself and others. It has greatly relieved my own medical condition (Crones disease). I'm also very happy with the books and CDs I purchased."
T. Kertesz (Reiki 1)

"Course was excellent. Very empowering. Chris has a deep understanding how to put across Reiki to everyone."
Angela Gilbert (Master Practitioner)

"I feel this course has been really well taught and I feel all is at a high standard. Thank you Chris for an amazing experience."
Catherine Nuza (Reiki 2)

"I know we gravitate towards the perfect and appropriate teachers for us, but I'd like to add that the atmosphere created at the Reiki School is serene, inviting and assured. A warm and safe environment to develop in."
Jo Roberts (Reiki 2)

"I've loved the course. Chris is an inspiration, and Reiki is, and has been life changing for me. Going forward with Reiki is easier than without."
Louise Kirby (Reiki 2)

"I loved this course as much, if not more than the first. Chris has an amazing way with words. He explains things in the simplest form, but they seem so interesting. He is a great teacher and I am very glad I have had his input in my life and my future."
Kellie Sweet (Reiki 2)

"I enjoyed the Reiki 2 course immensely. Chris teaches in a very clear manner and is very inspiring. I would like to do the Master Practitioner course as soon as I feel I am ready."
Gurdeep Ghale (Reiki 2)

"Thank you for one of the most inspiring moments of my life - Reiki will bring enormous changes in my life beyond what I ever imagined and desired - fully enjoyed the 2 days!"
Graziella Archambaud

"Once again, a very interesting and inspiring experience, much more than the training alone."
Steven D Palmer

"An outstanding course. Very well taught by a Master who is genuinely interested in his students and passionate about Reiki."
Jean-Paul Calamaro

"Thanks very much - I'll be back to do (Reiki) II as soon as I can."
Alexis Giles

"The course and its attunements brought a level of divine energy into participants that was quite unexpected. It was really empowering."
Ruth Holmes

"I never imagined such an experience, I will carry it with me always."
C.McK. - North Yorks

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the course this weekend - I came with high expectations and was not disappointed."
R.B. - Bucks

"Thank you so much for the Reiki 2 - mind-blowing stuff. I look forward to using it in my life."
J.J. - Manchester

"I found it (the Reiki course) an incredible experience and you have really inspired me. Thank you for a wonderful experience."
C.J. - Guildford

"I have improved so quickly this year, everyone is amazed, since I did 2nd degree I have felt and seen a marked difference in my M.E. I'll soon be 100%."
H.B. - Glasgow

"I do want to thank you very warmly for the way in which you conducted the Reiki 1 course in Guildford last weekend... already I am finding positive changes in my life and a real adventure beginning."
M.M. - Hampshire

"Your book is excellent."
N.P. - Lancs

"It's a week after our course and I'm still in a state of permanent amazement about this Reiki's been the discovery of a hidden treasure which I feel I've been searching for for a very long time."
N.H. - Warrington

"I have found the tapes both perfect... if you do any more, please let me know. Your book too is of the best I have read."
I.A.H. - Perthshire

"I am so pleased I did Reiki training with you. I cannot imagine life without it."
O.M. - Bolton

"Chris is an amazing teacher. He teaches in a very easy to understand way and gives you great roots for self-development, within reiki and out. Much easier to learn and feel more comfortable in a smaller group."
Kellie Sweet (Reiki 2 revisited)

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